Texas Tech Goin' Band Hype 2013 - 2015

Hype 2015

Client: Texas Tech University
Agency: Danger Thrill Productions
Role: Executive Producer - Director of Photography - Editor

Over the course of three football seasons, I was asked to create hype videos for the Texas Tech University Marching Band. The goal was to create the same energy and excitement for the Marching Band, that the football team continually experiences. 

“I’ve never seen a band that get a intro like that, that was just really, BA, for a lack of a better term. That was so cool. I was like, wow, If you’ve never seen the Goin' Band and you see that intro you’re thinking, 'oh my god we’re about to witness something really special here'... I’m just saying, that was NFL starting line up caliber stuff, for the Goin’ Band. Very very impressive intro." - Double T 104.3 Tech Talk

Hype 2014 Version 1

Hype 2014 Version 2

Hype 2013